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Senior advisor and clients discussing financial plan using a tablet


KMT Consulting provides a broad range of accounting and taxation services to all types of business entities, including Private Companies, Partnerships, Trusts and Sole Traders.

Of course, we can assist you by preparing financial reports for your business and lodging the income tax returns. Please consult our Business Tax Return Checklist to ensure you provide all of the documentation and information we need.

In addition to this annual compliance work we can also provide strategic advice and assist with the following matters:

Business structuring and setup

Using the right structure not only provides tax advantages; it also significantly affects other important matters such as control, cost, legal liability and asset protection.

Tax planning

Advance planning is always a better option than facing unpleasant tax consequences which could have been either minimised or avoided altogether.

BAS and GST issues

We can prepare and lodge your Business Activity Statements and help ensure that GST is correctly calculated and accounted for.

Fringe Benefits Tax

This tax is often a compliance nightmare for small business. In addition to identifying fringe benefits and preparing the FBT return, we can help to minimise FBT by analysing more tax-effective ways of providing these benefits.

Capital Gains Tax

With careful planning and appropriate timing, CGT can often be significantly reduced. We can help you work through cost-base calculations, and make sure that all concessions and exemptions are fully utilised.

Budgets and cash flow forecasts

We can assist you to prepare these for presentation to prospective lenders, or to help you improve the profitability of your business.

Our business is your business. Please contact us if there is anything we can assist you with.