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Online Submission

The information and links on this page allow you to send us your information electronically. Be assured that you will still have all the usual rights, options and responsibilities which are associated with using a Tax Agent. Our level of involvement in completing your tax return is no less than it would be if you physically attended our office. We will still need to review your information and possibly clarify some matters with you. If so, this will be by phone or email.

The process is quite simple . . .

  1. You will need a full working version of Microsoft Excel or an equivalent spreadsheet program, and the tax worksheet includes macros so you will need to tell Excel to allow them. The form is interactive, and it only requires the information that is relevant for your circumstances. You are prompted for many of the most common items, so there is minimal typing. If you have all required information readily available, it should take only a few minutes to complete in most cases.
  2. Download the tax worksheet form for the tax year you require.
  3. Open it (don't forget to allow macros, all the macros in these worksheets are quite safe) and complete it with your figures. Also please ensure you gather copies of supporting documents and files.
  4. Save the completed form to your device, and then upload it and your supporting files using the upload form.
  5. After we review your information and clarify any necessary matters, we will send you a detailed calculation of your estimated tax outcome along with a declaration form which can be signed and returned electronically (you will not need to print anything). An invoice will also be included.
  6. We will lodge your tax return as soon as we have your authorisation and confirmation of payment, unless we are deducting our fee from your refund. (This facility is available to most current clients). If you require a quote, please contact us and let us know about your circumstances.

Please note carefully the following points . . .

  • This facility is for Individual tax returns only. For other tax entities, please see the “Business” or “Super Funds” checklists on this website and send us the required information.
  • By requesting that we prepare your tax return, you are confirming that:
    • you have appointed KMT Consulting as your Tax Agent, and
    • you have read, and agree with, our Terms of Engagement.

To use the online submission process, just follow the steps below to obtain your text worksheet and then upload it when you've filled it out: